How to Wear Vintage – The Vintage Slip Makeover

The humble slip. Rarely seen in public, but there is something truly sexy about wearing a slip under (or in lieu of) your clothing. Try it …try a dress with and without one and see how different it makes you feel or how you walk a little taller exuding confidence with this timeless undergarment.

Alas, so many slips become sad and forgotten. Living in a hot weather climate, we tried our hand at livening up this simple garment with a bottle of dye and some rubber bands. Tip here: adding salt when dying nylon works wonders so the dye can adhere to the fabric, instead of rinsing off!

Tie Dyed Vintage Slip
Tie Dyed Vintage Slip

Splashes of color fool the public that you’re not walking outside in your underwear. Not that you need to dye your slips, but this one was so plain and homely, we’ve added color to punch it up. And with this humble slip, we show you how versatile this garment really is. We’ve used the slip and styled it a few different ways, depending on your mood.

Romantic Look


Warm weather days and evenings, whether it’s an outdoor art festival, antiquing, or picking produce at a farmer’s market, you’re cool comfortable and stylish! Even when day turns to evening and you slip into a little bistro for an early appetizer, the scarf doubles as a shawl.

The fringed chiffon scarf with beading adds some sparkle. Hats are always sexy and this wool, feather and lace floppy hat is perfect to steal a romantic kiss. We’ve punched up the romantic look with a mixed leather, bead and charm bracelet. We’ve finished this look with bright custom painted floral wedge shoes from Norakaren’s etsy shop. Because what’s more romantic than flowers?

Hat available from Joy Design. Bracelet from Catena Sieraden.

Bohemian Look

Bohemian, or “boho” is all about expressing yourself as an individual, after all wasn’t the 60’s about radical social change? We’ve updated this look to the 2015’s, by combining interesting textures without looking like a costume. Don’t be afraid to experiment, after all, what you wear should be a reflection of the complex and amazing person that you are.

We’ve topped our slip dress with a black needlepoint sweater coat for texture, a mixed metallic guitar handbag (has an internal iPod speaker), and chunky necklace in silver and black. Add some footless tights and flats and walk to your own tunes.


Our final variation with our slip dress… the rocker look. We love the rocker look for so many reasons. It looks good on just about any age. Skulls and leather. The rocker look is trendy and modern. Skulls. It’s glamorous. It’s a look that commands attention. Skulls. It has plenty of attitude. Did we mention skulls?

Rocker Look

Pairing a vintage dyed slip with rock ‘n roll touches certainly puts you ahead of the style curve. We’ve topped the slip with a black cloth moto jacket and gunmetal sharp-edged floral necklace. The silver skull ring from Silveralexa has a moveable jaw! We’ve added a leather skull bag from GriffinLeather. Perfect to carry that rocker red lipstick and cell phone. No rocker look would be complete without heels. Retro Vintage 123 had just the right pair! We chose these suede and iridescent aqua glitter peep-toe pumps as they provide just the right amount of edgy contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Rock on!


We hope this brief illustration inspires you to take a fresh look at your own wardrobe and see the versatility of each piece you own. Get daring and try a slip.

Comments welcome!

Our thanks to the gracious shop owners on etsy! Please browse their stores and take a look at the wonderfully expressive and individual products they offer.


Joy Design

Catena Sieraden



Retro Vintage 123


One comment on “How to Wear Vintage – The Vintage Slip Makeover

  1. This is a totally refreshing and fun blog with such good ideas and amazing accessories. Thank you for including my rocker high heels! One tip for those wearing slips that will alleviate static cling: spray or rub just a little anti-static product for the dryer on the inside of the slip. It can really save you from one of those awkward rising hemline incidences! You introduced me to some wonderful shops and artisans on Etsy! Thank you ….


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